Transform your organisation

Enabling business relevancy and organisational transformation through digital strategy


Expanding range of mobility solutions


Our wireless networks infrastructure and mobility application integration solutions make it easier for you to work seamlessly and reduce complexity and risk.


With 360 Secure Fabric product family we are providing an integrated security framework for IT and security teams to gain back visibility and control of their network, centered analytics


Our location based solutions bridge the gap between digital and physical worlds, engaging employees and customers in new ways, and creating business opportunities and efficiencies

Wireless and Mobility

As your workforce becomes increasingly mobile, your organization has to accommodate growing number of converged wireless LAN (WLAN) connected devices – laptops, smartphones and tablets. Your employees expect ‘on the go’ access to their applications, colleagues and resources wherever they are. Wireless and mobile technologies offering always-on wireless services make your business more agile and ensure more efficient use of your employees’ time.


WLAN Health Check • Architectural Design • Implementation Services • Optimization Services

Enterprise Security

We are providing global vendors security solutions bridge the gap between IT and security teams to address security threats. A complete campus, branch, and cloud-connected network infrastructure with built-in security, advanced threat detection and response, and secure network access control provides 360 degrees of analytics-driven cyber protection.

Innovative solutions to protect your network

Secure network access control

Engage with customers and keep them coming back to the store with an unforgettable digital experience

Advanced threat detection

Detecting threats before they do damage with User and Entity Behavior Analytics ( UEBA )  that uses AI-based machine learning.

Location Services

Airmind offers industry leading tailored made indoor positioning, indoor navigation and asset tracking technology solutions across industries and venues types. Our Bluetooth beacon based indoor positioning and wayfinding work reliably in different environments. For indoor tracking works without wires and helps you track assets and people inside a buildings in real time. Indoor navigation system, asset tracking and analytics solutions are used by companies spanning from airports to hospitals, from expo centers to factories.

Bridge physical to digital, indoors

BluDot Navigation

Indoor turn-by-turn directions and location awareness.

Asset Tracking

Know the location of valued assets in your facility.


Provide context-aware information.

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